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American Airlines May Owe You A (Small) Refund

If you flew on American Airlines on an award ticket on British Airways between Seattle-Tacoma International Airport and London Heathrow Airport, you could have a refund coming. The carrier noted a mistake in collecting the wrong surcharge for award tickets, resulting in flyers overpaying.

Flyers who used their American Airlines AAdvantage miles for tickets on British Airways may be owed a refund. View From The Wing discovered a situation where flyers were getting charged too much for their award tickets.

The one instance in particular where award ticket surcharges were incorrectly applied was aboard British Airways flights between Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) and London Heathrow Airport (LHR). For that route, British Airways instituted a $65 surcharge for award tickets in economy class. While flyers who used British Airways Avios or Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan miles were charged the correct fees, those who used American AAdvantage miles for the same flight were charged $225 in carrier-imposed fees.

When the author reached out to American for comment, the carrier was quick to note the error and apologized for the mistake. In addition, the airline is now offering refunds to those affected by the fees.

“Our teams are working to correct the amounts now, and of course we’re also working to update our processes to prevent future recurrences,” the American statement to View from the Wing reads. “In addition, we are reviewing our data to identify any customers who may have purchased a ticket at the incorrect amount, and we’ll be proactively reaching out to them with a refund of the difference.”

The airline is asking those who may have overpaid to not reach out for assistance at this time. Instead, the American spokesperson noted “it may be a few weeks” before affected flyers get their refund.


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copaflyer July 31, 2019

Any where are people left that choose alternatives ( now higher cost) to avoid the inflated surcharge?