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American Airlines Adds TikTok to In-Flight Entertainment Options

In a move that may win the award for the upgrade nobody asked for, American Airlines’ latest in-flight entertainment option is targeting the next generation. The carrier is giving flyers access to social media network TikTok free of charge for 30 minutes per flight on ViaSat-equipped narrowbody airframes.

Budding influencers and short-form content fans now have a new way to entertain themselves while aboard certain American Airlines flights. In a press release, the Fort Worth-based carrier announced they would add access to the social media network TikTok to their in-flight entertainment options.

TikTok Access Limited to 30 Minutes on ViaSat-Equipped Narrowbody Aircraft

The new option is available immediately, but only on narrowbody aircraft equipped with ViaSat equipment. After flyers connect to the network, they can tap or click on the TikTok ad for free access. All flyers get 30 free minutes on the network to post content or view posts from other users.

American describes the short-form video network as “a hit with GenZ thanks to its dance challenges and lip-sync videos,” but that it has “something for everyone — from tech-savvy teens to those who were born at a time when you only had landline phones at home.”

For those who are getting on TikTok for the first time, the airline suggests searching for topics and content using the hashtags #travel, #traveltips and #traveltheworld to see everything is available on the network. Other suggested content includes “animal and nature videos; music and dance trends; [and] career advice for summer internships, resume building and finance.”

The additional social media access is part of their expanding connectivity and entertainment options delivered to flyer’s personal devices. Flyers aboard ViaSat-equipped flights can also use Facebook Messenger and Messenger Kids free for the duration of their flights. The TikTok access is a promotional offer but has no end date.

TikTok Promotion Comes After Social Media Created Trouble for American

While the new entertainment option adds to the social media networks available for free on select flights, it comes after an influencer blasted the carrier over dress code considerations. Turkish bodybuilder Deniz Saypinar claimed American wouldn’t let her fly because of how she dressed, but the airline claimed that her attire was a violation of their dress code, saying “all customers must dress appropriately and offensive clothing isn’t permitted on our flights.”

Centurion August 17, 2021

Oh no...Oh no...On no....OMG please make a use headphone announcement. I can not hear anymore of that Tic Tok audio with the lyrics...Oh no....Oh no.....Oh no...Oh..no...haha

Tack August 6, 2021

Lol, I can’t wait to see more bad behavior recorded from a jet! Thank you AA for adding to the amount of stupid that is boarding airplanes now days.

Aloha1 August 6, 2021

Serves no useful purpose unless you are a narcissist.

SamirD August 5, 2021

LOL!! Yep, what's worse is that said Gen-Z'r has enough for a flight ticket to ruin the ride for the rest of us.

rylan August 3, 2021

Oh boy, now the Gen-Z can watch and post garbage to this horrid social media app while in flight.