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Allegedly Drunk, Hostile Celebrity Kicked Off JetBlue Flight

Kate Major, estranged wife of Michael Lohan, was reportedly booted from her JetBlue flight to Los Angeles last week after making threats to crew and passengers while seemingly intoxicated.

The 31-year-old allegedly threatened to cut someone’s throat after engaging in an argument concerning legroom following takeoff. The flight was diverted to New Orleans. Major has since been ordered to go to rehab.

For more information on this story, visit TMZ.

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viajero boricua December 2, 2015

Just as I suspected, the only way it could made that passenger even close to the celebrity list would be her ex's' last name: Lohan. The one who gave his daughter Lindsay ("Her Freakiness") her last name... IOW, Lindsay Lohan's ex-stepmother. Barely a "celebrity" if at that... (just enough info to get you "in touch", but not enough to bore you Next...)

aristotled December 2, 2015

Who? LOL.. these are not celebrities. Zzzzzzz.....

Allan38103 December 2, 2015