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BA “Insider”: the Boeing 787 Is Unreliable

According to an anonymous source cited as an insider at British Airways by a writer for Head for Points, the Boeing 787 aircraft is regarded as unreliable by large swaths of the aviation industry due to the proliferation of problematic Rolls Royce engines. Virgin Atlantic, in particular, has allegedly experienced its share of difficulty with the aircraft, according to the anonymous source.

To read more on this story, go to Head For Points.

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iflyjetz December 6, 2017

I am a 787 pilot. It's a very reliable aircraft. My company has the GE GEnX engines on the 787. Really, REALLY bad article title. It should have read, 'Rolls Royce engines unreliable', not 787 unreliable.

cgruber December 5, 2017

Only the Rolls Royce powerplant is the issue?

alpenrose December 5, 2017

Friends at Boeing are concerned about the relationship between the new material and the metal structures and temperature.