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Alaska Targets Delta Flyers with Unique Status Match Opportunity

Alaska Airlines wants disenfranchised Delta SkyMiles elites and is offering top-tier status for over a year if they get the airline’s credit card.
In many status match offers, flyers must meet minimum flight or spending requirements to keep their status. However, Alaska Airlines is offering a unique opportunity that doesn’t involve getting on a single flight.


The Seattle-based airline is targeting Delta Air Lines flyers with a status match offer that could extend through 2024 – if they get the Alaska Airlines credit card.


After SkyMiles Changes, Alaska Wants Delta’s Elite Flyers

The new status match offer comes after Delta SkyMiles made major changes to their loyalty program and elite tiers, shifting from miles and elite qualifying dollars to a system based solely on spending. Targeting frustrated Delta flyers, Alaska Airlines is offering a way to earn even top-tier MVP Gold 100K status for over a year.


Under the targeted program, Delta SkyMiles Medallion elites have two options to status match, based on how long their status is good for. All Delta elite flyers who have status through the end of 2023 can status match up to MVP Gold 75K through 2024, with two ways to keep it: Either complete a status challenge or get the Alaska Airlines credit card by December 31, 2023.



But for those who have Delta SkyMiles Medallion status through the end of 2024, the option to earn MVP Gold 100K status is possible. Again, flyers must either complete a flying challenge, or get the credit card before the end of the year.



To qualify for the status match program, flyers must submit proof of their status by October 31, 2023. Once they are approved, they must either complete the status challenge within 90 days or get the Alaska Airlines credit card by December 31, 2023.


New Status Match Comes as Delta Expands Schedule

Alaska’s status match opportunity comes as Delta works to keep loyal flyers in their program. The Atlanta-based airline recently announced a major schedule increase for European destinations, starting in the summer of 2024.


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