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Alaska Announces Scavenger Hunt & New Order of Boeing 737-900ER


Alongside the announcement of a new order of Boeing aircraft, Alaska Airlines revealed plans to launch a scavenger hunt this Friday, during which lucky Seattle residents could find keys to the airline’s flight simulator, enter for a chance to be onboard when new aircraft are delivered and free round-trip tickets.

The name “Alaska Airlines” makes it is easy to forget that the carrier is based in Seattle. The fact that the nose of every aircraft in the fleet is emblazoned with words “Proudly All-Boeing,” though, is a helpful reminder that the carrier considers itself Seattle’s hometown airline.

If Alaska’s all-Boeing fleet isn’t enough of a reminder of the airline’s ties to Seattle, the fanfare surrounding Monday’s announcement that the airline will be buying 10 additional Boeing 737-900ER aircraft makes it clear. “We love having Seattle as our home and buying locally built airplanes is a point of pride for us,” Alaska Airlines President and CEO Brad Tilden said in a statement announcing the expanded order. The Seattle-based carrier now has 74 Boeing aircraft on order.

“We share many of the same values, including a strong commitment to our community and a focus on innovation. It is always special for Boeing employees to see ‘Proudly All-Boeing’ written on the nose of an Alaska 737,” said Boeing Commercial Airplanes President and CEO Ray Conner.

Hometown pride isn’t the only reason for Alaska’s new aircraft order. The airline, which was named the most fuel-efficient carrier in the US by the International Council on Clean Transportation for the last three years, is in the process of replacing its Boeing 737-400 with 737-900ER. Alaska expects to realize a 25 percent fuel savings once the new aircraft are in service.

To celebrate the new order with hometown fans, the airline is holding a “Keys to the Sky” scavenger hunt this Friday in Seattle. Washington residents can follow a set of clues left by the airline for a chance to win round-trip tickets to the destination of their choice, keys to the carrier’s flight simulators, and the chance to fly aboard one of the new Boeing aircraft when it’s delivered in 2015. Contest rules can be found here.

[Photo: Alaska Airlines]

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