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Alaska Airlines Introduces Major Cabin Upgrade

An endeavor two years in the making, Alaska Airlines announced a major retrofit to old Virgin America cabin interiors. The passenger experiences for Alaska Airlines and Virgin America had its differences before the integration: Virgin offered power ports and TVs at every seat, while Alaska had a basic interior without any power ports.

The new cabin interior which will be available across all of Alaska’s mainline fleets is an infusion between Alaska’s cabin and iconic Virgin America styling.

“After extensive feedback from our guests and in collaboration with our partners, we’ve infused the Alaska Airlines cabin with key brand elements from Virgin America – the result is a premium experience at an affordable price,” said Ben Minicucci, president and COO at Alaska Airlines.

The new cabin features include:

  • Refreshed color palette from the updated bulkhead design to the carpet, bringing in neutral tones that are associated with relaxing environments against pops of Alaska’s signature blue.
  • Ambient mood lighting with calming, cool blue hues developed by lighting and color experts to complement the human body’s natural circadian rhythm. The result is lighting that changes throughout the flight to promote an uplifting energy during the day and calming energy into the evening.
  • Redesigned first class Recaro seats that evoke the feeling of both performance and comfort, like a luxury car. The sculpted design features memory foam and a 40″ pitch, along with footrests to support guests of varying heights.

  • Ergonomically-friendly tablet holders at each seat that accommodate most tablets and smartphones. The holders free up tray table space and an added shelf keeps devices in prime viewing position. Flexible mesh pockets also allow for easy access to essentials during the flight.

  • Upgraded premium and main cabin seats now feature memory foam for added comfort.

  • Conveniently-placed and tilted power outlets at every seat (USB & 110V) that allow guests to easily locate and charge two devices at once. The electrical boxes under the middle seat have been relocated to provide more personal space for guests.

  • Curated, onboard music program with a cool West Coast vibe that complements the relaxing and modern ambiance.

  • Cup holders throughout first class and premium class, so that guests can multi-task while they savor a craft beer, wine, or cocktail and have full use of the tray table.

Alaska’s working on updating its Airbus fleet of A319, A320, and A321 in phases throughout this year. Alaska anticipates that 36 percent of the mainline fleet will be upgraded by early 2020, which includes the Airbus fleet, Boeing 737-700s and three new Boeing 737 MAX 9.

[Source: Alaska Airlines]

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MrGood March 2, 2019

The intended retrofit sounds very promising...wish the legacy carriers adopted some features from this (neutral tones, memory foam seats, FC cup holders, etc)

YankinOz March 1, 2019

Interesting “upgrade” that involves taking out the TV screens and those great Virgin seats...

Spanish March 1, 2019

If Alaska can do 40" in first on their new aircraft, so can American. Too bad they don't fly where I do. I'd be switching...

cmd320 February 28, 2019

Doubt the Airbus fleet will be anywhere near as good as it was with VX. Also, for the premium transcontinental markets AS is trying to compete in, their premium product is well below industry standards.

GrayAnderson February 28, 2019

Not commenting on the content, but it would be nice if you could refer to Alaska as either "AS" or "Alaska". Referring to them as "AA" makes me wonder how American Airlines got into the mix here...