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Airport Parking Co. In Trouble For Missing Cars

Although it is named Absolutely Secure Airport Parking, this parking firm wound up being anything but. “Dozens” of passengers called the police on the company when they landed in Bristol Airport to find that their “securely” parked cars were missing.

However, the authorities could only help so much. While they were able to get the owner to return keys to some of the customers, they came with no information on where the corresponding cars were parked.

Some customers were able to spot their cars in nearby fields (in “filthy” condition). Another found his on a farm 15 miles away from the airport. Several customers are still missing their cars.

A spokesperson for Bristol Airport said: “While we have no control nor influence over the services provided by Absolutely Secure Airport Parking Bristol, our ground transportation team and on-site police unit provided assistance to passengers affected to help locate their vehicles.”


To read more on this story, head to the BBC.



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Mr. Vker April 10, 2018

Reminds me of this Seinfeld episode. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oz0jkktVfJ8