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Airport News Retailer to Start Selling Edgier Magazines

Hudson Group Retail in Boston's Logan Airport 2008

Potentially controversial magazines have landed in stock at Hudson News in airports across the nation.

Back in the 1990s, Hudson News began carrying High Times, a magazine about recreational cannabis usage. This past week, another marijuana magazine has joined the shelves at Hudson: Cannabis Now, a publication dedicated to responsible conversation about the drug.

“We try to provide the traveling consumer with products and magazines that meet their needs and interests and cannabis is a hot topic of discussion,” Hope Remoundos, executive vice president of sales and marketing at Hudson Group, told USA Today. “Twenty-one states have legalized cannabis in some form, with others pending legislation. This title is about the business of cannabis, including the medicinal benefits.”

Cannabis Now’s publisher thinks that this is a sign of the changing dialogue around cannabis, and his goal of having the magazine in the “general interest” section is finally a reality.

“At the end of the day, Hudson Group is a business that wants to sell magazines,” Eugenio Garcia, Cannabis Now’s publisher, told USA Today, “and sales of traditional print media—newspaper or magazines—have been challenged as travelers move to digital devices. But statistics behind niche or specialty publications show sales have gone up in recent years and our magazine is part of a niche that does very well.”

Playboy, which recently decided to stop featuring nude photography in its magazines, will also soon be joining the newsstand at Hudson without the blinders and stocking restrictions it was subject to in other airport shops previously.

[Photo: Hudson News]

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