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Airlines Preparing for Busy Moving Day at LAX

A massive gate swap at the busiest airport on the west coast will affect nearly one-third of the airlines at LAX.

For more than a few flyers with departing fights at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), finding familiar gates might be a little like trying to hit a moving target in the coming weeks. A complex reshuffling of departure gates at the airport will take place from May 12-16. Airport officials say the big move will involve al least 20 of the more than 70 airlines that now fly in and out of LAX.

In order to make the process as painless as possible, the moves will be completed overnight, hopefully allowing airlines to start operating from newly assigned gates in time for the next day’s flights. Because of a number of logistical challenges expected to be presented by the huge undertaking, LAX has launched an “LAX on the Move” campaign to help passengers navigate the airport during the transition.

Flyers are advised to arrive at the airport extra early for any flights departing during the big move. “Plan ahead and allow extra time for walking,” LAX on the Move organizers warn. “Some flights have check-in at one terminal with departure from another.”

The efforts to keep travelers informed about the minute-by-minute changes at the airport will rely heavily on social media. Airport officials suggest affected travelers follow the hashtag #LAXontheMove on Twitter for the very latest updates.

Delta Air Lines flyers will have the biggest changes in store. The airline will move its entire operation for Terminals 5 and 6, relocating to Terminals 2 and 3 over the hectic five-day period.

“It is a big thing,” Delta spokesperson Ranjan Goswami told The Los Angeles Times on Wednesday. “It is unprecedented.”

Describing the impending move as “finely choreographed,” airport officials for their part, sound very upbeat about the undertaking. “The coordination and cooperation among the airlines involved has been impressive and mirrors the importance that we all place on the guest experience at LAX,” according to a statement from LAX on the Move organizers.

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LukeO9 March 23, 2017

Why? "The move is meant to give Delta Air Lines room to grow, adding seven extra gates and giving the carrier easier access to the airport’s international terminal and to Delta’s partners, including Aeromexico, Virgin Atlantic and WestJet."