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Airlines Increase Seats Ahead of Memorial Day Weekend

Ahead of the 2024 Memorial Day weekend, airlines are offering more seats for flyers, with American joining the low-cost carriers in offering more travel options.
With airlines anticipating large crowds for Memorial Day 2024, the number of available seats to end the month is increasing.


New data from airline data company Cirium shows airlines are increasing their seats by nearly 6% compared to 2023, and over 12% compared to pre-pandemic figures.


American, Frontier, and Other Low-Cost Carriers Lead Seat Gains

Low-cost carriers are bracing for the most passengers by adding the most available seats among all airlines. Of the bigger carriers, Frontier Airlines is adding 32% more flights and 36% more seats for the entire month, while Sun Country Airlines is adding 24% more flights and seats in May. Smaller low-cost carriers Breeze Airways and Avelo Airlines are adding more than 25% more flights to end May 2024.


In the ranks of the major airlines, American Airlines is adding the most flights and seats, with a 14% and 12% increase respectively. Alaska Airlines is increasing flights by 6.8%, while Delta Airlines is boosting flight numbers by 4.6%. Hawaiian Airlines and JetBlue are the only carriers to cut flights from their schedule for the month. Hawaiian’s total flights are down 3.5% compared to 2023, while JetBlue’s schedule cut 13.8% of flights year-over-year.


Where are the flyers coming and going to for the weekend? Montana is becoming one of the bigger destinations, with 32% more seats available to the Big Sky state compared to 2023. Pennsylvania is getting an increase of 17% while the Carolinas are both getting a boost of at least 16% more seats for May 2024. Colorado, Minnesota, Utah, and Alaska also saw double-digit percentage increases this month.


Some international carriers are also bracing for a boost in trans-Atlantic travel coming for the Memorial Day holiday. Airlines increasing their seat capacity by over 10% for the weekend include Air France, Lufthansa, Condor, Iberia, ITA Airways, and Singapore Airlines.

SamirD May 15, 2024

Breeze, et al adding 25% more, lol.  When you fly to a destination just once or twice a week, just one more flight adds a lot of percent, haha.