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Airline’s Butt Advertisements Not Well Liked

Firefly, a subsidiary of Malaysia Airlines, has apologized publicly for its buttock-centric ad campaign to promote discount flights. The cheeky ads were posted to the airline’s Facebook page along with the tagline “Come grab it real fast”, and backlash reared its head when Facebook users accused Firefly of objectifying women, particularly Firefly’s flight attendants (after whom the skirts in the ads were modeled.) The ad campaign came to an end after heavy criticism.

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Firefly offered an apology today, writing “We at Firefly has [sic] no intention to be sexist in how we conduct our business and we have the utmost respect for everyone. We regret that our recent advertisement visuals has [sic] caused discomfort in certain quarters and for that we apologise.” Although Firefly was a bit behind in the timing of its apology, women’s rights groups, including the Women’s Centre for Change, are pleased that the ad campaign has come to an end.

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[Photo: Firefly, Hugo Pacheco]
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