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Airline Unveils New “TransFAREncy” Campaign

Low-cost carrier Southwest Airlines unveiled a new advertising campaign called “transfarency” Thursday. While little is known about the campaign, the airline says it focuses on low fares and transparency in fees. An ad for the promotion can be see in the October issue of Southwest’s in-flight magazine.

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[Photo: Dallas Morning News]

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diver858 October 12, 2015

WN continues to drive up fares, cut back on frequency intra-California after using aggressive pricing tactics to eliminate competition 7-8 years ago. This is simply more Koolaid low information travelers, attempting to discourage them from competitive shopping for air fares.

Centurion October 12, 2015

All I know is ever since Southwest moved into PHX our fares have been lower. The best days were when it was AWA versus SWA. You could fly any day any time PHX>LAX PHX>LAS and many more for $24.95.

Lakeviewsteve October 9, 2015

As as Southwest takes over the competition, like they did in Milwaukee, their fares go way up. I don't believe Southwest is a leader in low fares, but a leader in taking advantage.