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Airline to Start Banning Disruptive Passengers

Aeroflot has announced a new way to prevent unruly passengers from ruining flights. Legislation signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a measure granting the airline the right to create a blacklist of disruptive passengers and deny them the ability to board a plane if they’ve been marked for bad behavior.

Russian air industry says that the new measure will bring them up to date with other international airlines that already have similar policies in place. The blacklist is designed to help both airline staff and well-behaved passengers enjoy calm flights. The past decade or so has seen an increase in disruptive behavior from passengers including assaulting crew members, damaging cabin and equipment and creating situations that endanger other passengers.

The new rules help airlines to take action against unruly passenger and to prevent further issues from occurring in the future.

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gilam January 15, 2018

how long do you think it's going to be before political dissidents all start getting banned for being "unruly" I'm thinking in 5...4...3...2...1