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Airline to Omit ‘Sully’ From Its Flights

American Airlines – who assisted in the production of Clint Eastwood’s Sully, starring Tom Hanks – will not be showing the film aboard its flights as part of the in-flight entertainment offerings.

The carrier decided that the subject material, based on the story of Captain “Sully” Sullenberger who successfully landed a malfunctioning US Airways flight in the Hudson River in 2009, was too sensitive to be screened.

“As much as we love this movie and are so proud of everything the real-life crew of Flight 1549 accomplished, this is one that we have decided not to make available as in-flight entertainment simply because of the subject matter,” said Michelle Mohr, managing director of corporate communications for American Airlines.

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[Photo: Facebook/Sully Movie]

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ioto1902 September 13, 2016

Quite understandably, films showing air catastrophy have always been a taboo in the airline industry.

Dave737 September 12, 2016

the plane you're on will either crash, or it won't. showing a movie about a plane crash won't change the odds either way. in fact, showing "Sully", a movie about a successful crash landing, should be encouraging.

Dalewood September 12, 2016

And I saw "The Wrath of Khan" on a TPAC flight shades down, turbulence and all---quite an experience. Show the film, AA!!