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This Airline Is Offering Flyers FREE Tickets!

Air India recently announced a limited-time offer in which it’s giving free tickets to frequent flyers on select routes. The “Web Loyalty Bonus” campaign will run from Oct. 15 to Dec. 31. During the campaign, flyers who buy business class tickets to six domestic sectors get a free ticket on any domestic flight operated by Air India or its subsidiary, Alliance Air.

For more information on this story visit The Economic Times.

[Photo: Air India]

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Gutmannx5 October 28, 2015

I need 5 free tickets to get me and my kids from Orlando Florida to Gatwick UK for Christmas my kids grandma is extremely I'll and this might be the last chance they ever get to see her and family! Can anybody help us know what to do! I've tried everything and its not working even credit cards and stuff I am out of ideas!