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Airline Declines to Extend Lease on A380

Singapore Airlines said Wednesday that has decided not to extend its lease on the Airbus A380. The contract for the company’s most expensive aircraft expires in October 2017. Currently, Singapore Airlines operates 19 A380s.

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[Photo: Singapore Airlines]

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edgewood49 September 19, 2016

I think the article said this "Currently, Singapore Airlines operates 19 A380s. " It's all al about scale of economy and it appears that within Singapore Airlines they feel that the 380 is not working out. Which validates Boeing's move a long time ago to carbon fiber long haul a/c which AB promptly copied after seeing what Boeing was doing. Of note I am a huge fan of the 380 EK version have flown four trips three in FC and one biz. Great long haul have yet to fly the 787 but looking forward as I understand from people that the effects of jet lag are reduced.

Tsun September 15, 2016

Emirates probably will be happy to pick it up...

Brandinho1 September 15, 2016

That sucks!!! So I'm guessing SIN to CDG will now go on the 777?

AAJetMan September 14, 2016

How sad. Flew this 2x in F earlier this year. GREAT Product! Gonna catch it again in Feb. Suites are fantastic. Try it while you can. Burn those FF miles! :-)

Icecat September 14, 2016

We're talking ONE plane.