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Airbus to Cram 80 More Passengers Into A380

Airbus A380 jet airliner under dark cloudy skies, in front view.

Airbus has increased the capacity of its double-decker A380, adding 80 passengers to a new total of 575 total. This increased capacity bump integrates a number of modifications that Airbus refers to as “cabin enablers,” which include the addition of seats to rows and redesigned stairways to accommodate the increased capacity.

“This new package for our A380 customers is a smart way to meet airline needs while improving the A380 economics with additional revenues and innovating in passenger comfort,” said Kiran Rao, head of strategy and marketing for Airbus.

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Sydneyberlin April 11, 2017

As long as it keeps this beautiful bird in the sky- I always fly in Business anyway ;-)

DeweyCheathem April 10, 2017

I hear that they will be marketing the overhead bin space as lie flat seating.

Bear4Asian April 10, 2017

Coach seats now will be what? Around 16.5 "?

AlwaysFlyStar April 10, 2017

'Innovating in passenger comfort' = testing how much discomfort can possibly be inflicted onto a passenger.