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Airbus Envisions Acrobatic New Seating Concept

A new seating design from Airbus envisions passengers flying through the air with the greatest of ease, like that daring young man on the flying trapeze.

It seems finding a Goldilocks solution to fitting more passengers into smaller spaces has become a modern day gold rush. Airbus designs for a nearly vertical, saddle-seat concept certainly accomplished the goal of fitting more passengers in the cabin, but the idea looks remarkably uncomfortable on paper. The European aircraft manufacturer’s plans for an economy cabin equipped with “sleeping boxes” offers more comfort for passengers and greater seating capacity for the airlines, but there is a decidedly crypt-like feel to the concept in early renderings.

The latest brainstorm from Airbus also offers more room for flyers, a greater number of seats for airlines and even lessens the claustrophobic feel inherent in many modern cabin designs. Unfortunately, the proposed seating plan turns out to be downright athletic.

airbus seat patent

U.S. Patent Application 2015/0274298A outlines plans for a two-tiered cabin design with an upper level of seats suspended above a lower level of seats. Illustrations included in the application, look more like a cheerleading squad’s plans for a human pyramid or the finale of a Cirque du Soleil than a workable seating concept for passenger planes.

The tiered cabin design concept does have its advantages. Because many of the the seats are separated by vertical space, when the seats are reclined, even to a lie-flat position, the space between the top and bottom seat actually increases. The engineers have also managed to find room for fully reclining, lie-flat seats using no more floor space than a traditional economy seat currently takes up.

airbus seat patent

Airbus reminds us that just because an idea is published with the patent office doesn’t mean the concept will ever become a reality, and the company says it files for hundreds of patents each year.

“This does not mean they are necessarily going to be adopted into an aircraft design,” Airbus officials told The Telegraph. “This preserves the innovation and idea.”

[Photo: U.S. Patent & Trademark Office]

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ueutyi October 9, 2015

Stupid design.

ExArkie October 8, 2015

It also seems to remove all overhead bins, which will increase revenue through more checked bag fees.

KRSW October 8, 2015

Great...this design puts the guy in front/above you's arse at your face level. I propose banning Taco Bell from all airports if this ever goes through.

Palal October 8, 2015

Looks interesting.

bricksoft October 7, 2015

WOW A chance to have someone's feet at nose level!