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Airbus Announces New Base of Operations in Silicon Valley, Taps Google Director as CEO

Map of the Silicon Valley Area (Photo: iStock)

Airbus Group sets up shop in Silicon Valley with new venture fund Airbus Group Ventures, armed with $150 million.

Airbus Group is establishing corporate venture capital fund Airbus Group Ventures with an initial $150 million initial commitment and a technology and business center in Silicon Valley. In a press release issued May 29, the company said a Silicon Valley presence will help Airbus Group identify and capitalize worldwide on innovative technologies and business models.

“Silicon Valley serves as a unique hub for technology breakthroughs and we see huge opportunities to learn from and partner with the many players based there,” said Airbus Group CEO Tom Enders. “With this approach, we will accelerate our transformation into an international leader in aerospace technology innovation, while offering tremendous benefits to our customers and partners as we bring innovative products and services.”

Airbus Group is headquartered in Blagnac, France and operates three divisions, Airbus, Airbus Defense and Space, and Airbus Helicopters, which generated 2014 revenues of nearly $70 billion. The company employs 138,600 workers.

The company appointed Tim Dombrowski, 54, the fund’s CEO of Airbus Group Ventures. Dombrowski is a former a partner at the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz. He also served as Director of Global Business Development at HP and Director of Worldwide Business Consulting for Opsware Inc. Dombrowski has experience in the aerospace field from a tenure at PTC, where he contributed to defense, satellite and UAV programs.

Former Google Inc. Director of Engineering in the Advanced Technology and Projects Paul Eremenko, 35, will act as CEO of the Airbus Group Silicon Valley technology and business innovation center. Both will report to Enders.

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mspswede June 4, 2015

@chimarraomate My thoughts exactly! Perhaps they're not converting correctly from the Euro, or using pre-dot com bubble thinking. Maybe they could use that money to buy some 5-1/4" floppy disks!

ChimarraoMate June 3, 2015

Wow, $150 million... That's not going anywhere. It's chump change in corporate america when spent on technology. Most will be lost in wasted and lost in failed project delays. Give that money to a small company with an established product that looks promising and can be used to bennifit the airline, and then maybe you will get something in return.