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AirAsia Passengers Cause a Scene

Two intoxicated passengers decided to party on a Sunday AirAsia flight – and as a result, they were interrogated.

On February 26, AirAsia India flight i5 1983 from Guwahati to Bengaluru had some unwelcome travelers: two drunken passengers causing a ruckus during the flight. AirAsia issued a statement on Tuesday about the event.

The airline said two passengers—already under the influence of alcohol—boarded the flight and became unruly and disruptive during the trip.

“The alleged passengers in question, inconsiderate of flying etiquette, caused much disturbance by not only being extremely loud, but were uncouth in their behavior displayed in causing nuisance to cabin crew as well. The airline condemns this unfortunate incident and calls out the implications that directly lead to the safety and security of cabin crew and guests on-board,” the statement said, reported by The Star Online.

The airline grew concerned about the safety of the rest of the passengers and the crew. Once the plane landed, the two were turned over to airport security and then interrogated by police.

“It is imperative that fliers understand that flying is a ‘respectable shared experience’ that cannot be assumed otherwise,” the statement said.

The passengers, Ajay Kumar Munura and Kala M. Pankaj, allegedly demanded that the cabin crew give them a menu card and drink (something the cabin crew said they did not have), and when that demand wasn’t met, they began to scream at and verbally abuse the crew, the Deccan Herald reported.

“Any anti-social behavior by passengers can have unpleasant consequences for the safety, security and comfort of all onboard,” AirAsia said in the statement.

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