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Air New Zealand Staff in Trouble Over Photos and Video

Some Air New Zealand employees are dealing with the consequences of inappropriate videos and photos.

Some employees of Air New Zealand had a bit too much fun on social media while uniformed and are now facing the consequences. Two pieces of media have recently been discovered by the company: One picture shows a pilot kissing a blow-up doll in a cockpit and another photo shows the doll sitting in the copilot seat, and a video of a flight attendant walking through a plane cabin shows her spitting out water with a caption that says, “Wish I could spit on passengers like this.”

The airline has launched an investigation into the incidents.

“We expect the highest standards of behavior and respect from all our staff,” a spokeswoman told The New Zealand Herald, adding that the airline was “shocked and appalled” by the media.

Two employees involved are currently suspended pending results of the investigation and one other employee has been terminated.

We believe the video was produced about four years ago and the photos were taken more than a year ago,” an airline spokeswoman told Stuff. “One of the staff members concerned no longer works for Air New Zealand and the other two have been removed from duties pending the outcome of our investigation. It goes without saying that this is a situation we are treating with extreme seriousness—and our obvious concern is that the behavior displayed is a clear breach of not just our code of conduct but basic decency.”

[Photo: Air New Zealand]

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laldo82 August 24, 2016

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