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Air India Pilot Caught Shoplifting At Sydney Airport

A senior pilot with Air India has been suspended by the carrier for reportedly shoplifting at Sydney Airport (SYD) over the weekend. The incident occurred on Saturday and while the pilot was permitted to fly his scheduled New Delhi-bound flight, he was suspended immediately upon his arrival in India.

A senior Air India pilot has been suspended for reportedly shoplifting at Sydney Airport (SYD) on Saturday, reports the Hindustan Times.

Based on documentation seen by the outlet, the incident involved Rohit Bhasin, the pilot of New Delhi-bound Air India Flight 301. Bhasin is said to have taken a wallet from a duty-free retailer within Sydney Airport.

The outlet further reports that, while the pilot was permitted to operate the flight in question, he was suspended upon arrival in India. He has also been asked not to leave Kolkata, which serves as his base station.

Offering his comments on the incident, Dhananjay Kumar, an Air India spokesperson, was quoted as saying, “Air India lays the highest stress on proper conduct of its staff and has a zero tolerance policy towards acts of impropriety. There is an initial report of one of its captains Rohit Bhasin, who is also working as a regional director, picking up a wallet from a duty free shop in Sydney. Air India has instituted an enquiry into this incident and has placed the captain under suspension.”

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Gizzabreak August 26, 2019

Re 'mvoight' "... but why does Air India want to force him to remain in Calcutta? ..." To illustrate the extent of 'cruel and inhumane' punishment that can be applied in such circumstances.

yrs July 6, 2019

A more report-worthy topic seems to be: "British Airways Cabin Crew May Be Fired After Naked Game of Spin the Bottle", reported a day ago. Please report this shameful incident by the BA crew's scandalous and obnoxious behaviour in Singapore during a layover. Disgraceful!

mvoight July 5, 2019

I understand why he was suspended, but why does Air India want to force him to remain in Calcutta?

hfb606 July 5, 2019

Flyertalk can do better than tabloid headlines. Go back to real travel-related news.