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Air France/KLM Is Going Revenue Based!

Within the last couple of days, word has been developing on a FlyerTalk thread that Air France/KLM is moving to a revenue-based earning system in 2018.

If you try to book a ticket from May 1, 2018 onward, a message will appear: “your flight is in 2018, discover Flying Blue new programme rules.” Starting on that date, mileage earning with Flying Blue will be based on your status level and how much you spend, similar to what United, Delta, and American have already introduced:

  • No status: 4 miles per Euro
  • Silver: 6 miles per Euro
  • Gold: 7 miles per Euro
  • Platinum: 8 miles per Euro
Unfortunately, these earning levels are even a little lower than what American, Delta, and United offer – 5 miles per dollar spent to base level members.
As it stands, this is definitely not a move in a good direction for fliers, but Flying Blue already didn’t offer 100% mileage credit for most fare classes. Discounted economy fare classes sometimes only earn 25% when crediting to Air France, so there’s not necessarily going to be a huge difference for fliers.
When booking airfare with Flying Blue or any other airline, you can always use Where To Credit to determine which airline will offer you the most miles for the flight and fare class you are booking.
Fortunately, nothing changes regarding mileage transfers. Ultimate Rewards, Membership Rewards, and Citi ThankYou points all transfer 1:1 to Flying Blue, and that’s the easiest way to get a lot of Flying Blue miles in your account rather quickly.
There has not yet been an official announcement about this change, so more details should follow.
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deegeeair17 October 5, 2017

Stopped playing the loyalty game long time ago. Particularly with US based airlines. Formerly a platinum flyer with SKYTEAM & Star Alliance Delta, Northwest, Air Canada & Lufthansa The equipment was old & shoddy on North American fleets and the lounges were overcrowded. If you have the patience and know your way around a computer, there are better solutions for less. Norwegian & Iceland Air pose interesting alternatives with relatively inexpensive premium. It isn't Singapore Airlines or the former Emirates of a couple years ago, but then again neither are the legacy airlines I mentioned.