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Air France Braces for January Union Strikes

Air France has been informed of the CGT trade union’s plans to strike on January 28, 2016, as well as minor pilot union Alter’s plans to strike between January 10 and 13.

CGT is protesting job cuts in recent years as well as Air France’s legal action against five employees involved in an October 15 attack on company officials after the airline presented its controversial restructuring plan.

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edgewood49 January 5, 2016

This is EXACTLY why I booked another carrier for my flights beginning next week! While the union's don't give a shit about revenue and passengers then more people will fly GSC's which I am booked on EK!!

FlyingWithers January 4, 2016

I am a former AF customer. I am a former BA customer. I am a former customer of any airline whose staff goes on strike. Now, if they wish to do so, that is fine with me, but they will have lost my business for all time. I do not do business with any business that is unreliable. Some people are like Slinkies: not really good for anything, but you smile when you see them tumble down a flight of stairs.