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Air Canada Cancels Elderly Couple’s Tickets, Allegedly Costing Them $6000

Randell and Claudia Earle, a married couple from Newfoundland, claim to have had their ticket abruptly suspended by Air Canada during their round-trip flight from Lisbon Portela Airport (LIS) to St. John’s in late March. The couple alleges that the entire ordeal ran them $6,000 – three times the cost of the initial cost of their trip.

“When we arrived they said ‘Sorry, Air Canada has suspended your ticket,” said Randell Earle. “They told us to go to the customer service desk, but then we were told we needed to call Air Canada directly.”

According to Earle, Air Canada also took nearly a month to respond to his complaints.

To read more on this story, go to HuffPost.

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drvannostren June 14, 2017

Yea, I gotta agree, this isn't "news" or even close, there's nothing here. Could be that the airline thought the credit card was stolen or something, but there's far too much missing to make any kind of judgement one way or the other.

jeffhacker May 22, 2017

where's the "rest of this story"? Like what does Air Canada have to say? This sounds fishy, and coming from the Huffington Post likely isn't fully accurate . . . . Just sayin'