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Air Arabia Begins Passenger Repatriation Flights

Air Arabia Wikimedia Commons

While most of the world has sheltered in place, there are still thousands of people around the world who have found themselves stranded outside of their home countries. Those will have to get home via repatriation flights. Thousands of repatriation flights have flown to bring people home. Yesterday, on April 15th, Sharjah-based budget airline Air Arabia announced the beginnings of their repatriation flights.
“Air Arabia is operating repatriation flights to limited destinations to carry outbound passengers from the UAE to their home countries. Current available flights during the month of April are operating from Sharjah International Airport to Lar, Shiraz, and Kabul. More destinations will be added once the necessary approvals are obtained.”
Air Arabia’s repatriation flights were initially postponed due to restrictions imposed by authorities in the United Arab Emirates. However, it looks like flights are OK’d to take off again. In an official statement, the airline has announced that it will fly a number of outbound-only flights for passengers this month. The flights will go to Afghanistan, Iran, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Sudan, Egypt, India, and Nepal.
Unfortunately for nationals of some countries, it’s too late for repatriation flights. India, for example, has suspended all domestic and international flights until May 3, 2020. So, Indian residents who are elsewhere will have to stay there. Air Arabia will still make flights to countries with passenger-travel bans, but they will only fly cargo.