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Agoda Looks to Grab Frequent Flyers With PointsMax Program

Hotel booking engine Agoda (part of the Priceline Group) wants to change how travelers book their hotels and earn points and miles on top of it. With the launch of PointsMax, travelers can earn points and miles towards their next flight with the simple act of booking a hotel stay. Agoda gave FlyerTalk a look at how their systems work, with the opportunity to run test bookings through their site.

To begin, Agoda has one of the deepest databases of hotels and vacation rentals around the world. With one search, travelers can access over 900,000 different accommodations, ranging from budget hotels to luxury resorts. To complement those rooms, PointsMax has partnered with 26 different frequent flyer programs, with which travelers can earn frequent flyer miles towards their next stay. All three American legacy carriers are represented in PointsMax, along with several other popular international programs.

On the PointsMax site, travelers begin by searching for hotels at their destination. From there, travelers can select their favorite airline program where they wish to earn bonus points. Once selected, each hotel will show how many miles they can earn by booking through Agoda. Depending on the destination and selected program, some hotels may earn more than others.


When a traveler selects a hotel, Agoda goes the extra step in showing them all the available options at the hotel. Instead of showing a standard or deluxe room, their engine lists every type of room available to travelers, at multiple price points. Travelers who prepay for their hotel room through Agoda often get the best discounts available.

Those looking for even deeper discounts can sign up for Agoda’s Insider Deals. By creating an account with Agoda, travelers can access up to 30 percent off hotels that are only available to members. Creating an account is free and only takes a few moments.

Much like other complimentary programs, what may be appreciated most about Agoda is the ability to stack bonuses for something many travelers already do. When paired with a points or miles earning credit card, travelers can significantly increase their points earning opportunities over simply booking with a points earning card alone.

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AAJetMan September 30, 2016

Never had a problem with Agoda. Great website. Great communications. I'm in.