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Adorable Grandma Gets a Nice Surprise While Boarding Flight

Adorable Grandma Gets a Nice Surprise While Boarding Flight

In the midst of all the disturbing or frightening news that come across our screens, sometimes what we need is a box of Kleenex and a scroll through adorable posts on Reddit. This week, we came across an extremely adorable and heartwarming post.

So, grab your phone and call your grandma (or the nearest grandma). It’s time for some Friday feels.

A Redditor shared a GIF of a grandma’s reaction when she realized one of the pilots on her flight was her granddaughter! Her reaction was incredibly sweet as she greeted her with a big grandma hug and lots of grandma kisses. 

And the comment section doesn’t disappoint either as other Redditors recount their stories of their grandparents.

One commenter, souponastick, shared: “I’ve taken my grandma out for dinner once a week, just the 2 of us, for almost 12 years. Sometimes it is the last thing I want to do, but I know damn well I’ll miss the opportunity when she’s gone. She’s 89. I’m 36 and so lucky to still have her. I will continue doing it as long as she can. She’s been in the hospital during and I just bring the food to her. She loves it, and I love her.”

Fifth_Down also reminisced, “I have two uncles who flew 747s back in the day. When one of them retired the whole family decided to book that flight and the younger brother was assigned the co-pilot. During the intercom they announced that they were siblings and then proceeded to announce that their mother was on the plane, and gave out her seat number and told passengers to “go bother her.” After the flight when passengers were exiting one guy approached them and said “I have never felt safer in my life on a flight knowing it was two brothers transporting their mother.”

Although Redditor MyNameIsSwish’s grandparents passed away, they shared, “Both my grandparents died when I was young but my fiancés grandparents have taken me in as their own and it’s amazing to have that again.”

Woman realizing the captain of her flight is her Granddaughter from aww

 [Featured Image: Shutterstock]

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