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ACY Neighbors Roll out Welcome Wagon for Stranded Russian Pax

After a Russian passenger plane flying from Moscow to Cuba made an emergency landing in Atlantic City, a community rallied to aid the passengers who were barred from leaving the airport.

When a Russian charter flight from Moscow to Cuba started to run low on fuel over the Atlantic, the plane made an unscheduled stop at Atlantic City International Airport to take on more fuel, but after ground crews discovered the aircraft had a fuel leak, it became clear that passengers would be spending a substantial amount of time at the New Jersey Airport. The difficult situation was further complicated by the fact that the flight’s 294 passengers didn’t have legal permission to enter the US and were instead sheltered on airport property.

According to The Press of Atlantic City, the nearby community stepped in to make an unpleasant predicament as comfortable as possible. The Red Cross, South Jersey Transportation Authority, The New Jersey State Police and local volunteers soon arrived at the airport to lend a hand along with cots, food, water and creature comforts.

“They have a great story of American community and goodwill to tell to family and friends at home,” U.S. Customs and Border Patrol Public Affairs Officer Steve Sapp explained to reporters. “It was a good example of a community coming together to help.”

While crew members were given special permission to rest in nearby hotel rooms, passengers had to make due with makeshift accommodations in a secure area of the airport for the next 18 hours until a new aircraft arrived to take them to Cuba. Despite the less than ideal conditions, the stranded flyers reportedly made the best of things – with a little help from the local community in Egg Harbor, NJ. In fact, an airport vendor had soon provided a brand new culinary experience for the stranded tourists.

“They were happy because they never had American pizza,” Darya Hrybava, who was pressed into service as an emergency translator, told the newspaper. “They didn’t expect to be overwhelmed with kindness.”

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JDiver February 2, 2018

Honestly, crap. It’s not a hobby, and on FlyerTalk many fora have “newby Lounge” threads that specify no snark. Many of these are well used, educational and welcoming.

Cymbo February 2, 2018

This is a great example of the inherent goodness of most people.

dogcanyon February 2, 2018

This is the most uplifting thing I have read in months. Kudos to the kind, generous, open-minded citizens of Atlantic City and to the organizations named in the article.