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Actress Mandy Moore Visits Her Dad at Work – in the American Airlines Cockpit

Mandy Moore, a singer and actress best known for her pivotal role in the early-2000s film A Walk to Remember and star of the hit tv series This Is Us, posted a photoset of heartwarming Instagram photos of herself alongside her father inside the cockpit of an American Airlines (AA) aircraft. 

Mandy’s father, Don Moore, is a captain for American Airlines and her step-mother is a flight attendant for AA, so it was a big family reunion when she was on the same flight with her dad and stepmom. 

“I was today years old when I finally visited my dad at work,” Moore wrote on her IG post. “He’s been a captain at @americanair since before I was born (he just celebrated his 40 year anniversary at the company- go dad!) and today was my first time ever flying with him!”

The Moore family have a lot to celebrate. Her father recently celebrated his 40th anniversary with American Airlines (congrats!) and Mandy was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame back in March 2019 (congrats again!).


[Featured Image: Shutterstock]

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jrm68 July 8, 2019

It is great to see a nice story for a change, instead of the entitled celebrities complaining about flying with the plebes. They look like a happy family and 40 years is great.