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Actress Bumped From First Class Tweets It

Actress Andie MacDowell (Groundhog Day) took to Twitter Sunday after she was reportedly bumped from the first class section of an American Airlines flight. MacDowell claims she was moved to economy because the airline would not allow her dog to accompany her in first class even though she “pre-booked and paid for” it. The actress faced backlash from the Internet, with one individual criticizing her commentary as “wonderfully snobby,” though some did come to her defense.

For more information on this story, visit USA Today.

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weero January 31, 2016

She made a mistake to pay the pet fee and bring the kennel rather than just claim service animal and invoke the unquestionable protected group spell. Then she could have brought along her furry budd to wherever she wants ... for free. And board before the other F passengers.

4aks January 27, 2016

I was on a flight last week, where a coach passenger was asked to move seats after boarding due to her carry-on pet -- the pet fee had already been collected, but AA doesn't cross check with seat assignment -- AA had her assigned in a bulkhead seat ... I suspect the same in the above case, she was likely in first bulkhead row -- and maybe no other passengers in first were willing to switch or allow the let at their own feet -- though more likely no one was asked

BJM January 26, 2016

There was a capuchin monkey in first class on my recent flight. She had her own seat and was the star of the flight. Very well behaved. Though she chattered from time to time it was not annoying and much preferable to a yippy dog. I would take the monkey over Andie Mac any day. ☺

dhuey January 26, 2016

Andie MacDowell should know by now that even if she's in the right, tweeting about being bumped from First Class is the wrong think to do. Whether it's justified or not, wealthy and beautiful celebrities trigger strong envy reactions in others. The envious will compare the problems in their lives (e.g., behind in mortgage payments, car window smashed for third time in a year) with the "problem" of not enjoying First Class with one's dog. With that comparison, the beautiful end up looking ugly.

fleur_de_lys January 26, 2016

well I can tell you for a fact that in the last few months i have been on 3 flights with dogs in first class so I am not sure why you are posting that dogs are not allowed in that cabin.