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Actor Sues Airlines After Getting Little Finger Stuck in Seat

Stephen Keys, an actor who was in Soul Plane and Hannah Montana, is suing American Airlines and SkyWest in relation to a December 5 incident in which his pinky finger allegedly got snagged in a hole beneath the armrest of his seat for nearly an hour.

“Dozens of passengers became aware of Mr. Keys’ perilous condition, causing his dire situation to become a humiliating public spectacle. By the end of it all, he remained entrapped in this nightmarish condition, suffering for nearly an hour,” the lawsuit says, in part.

SkyWest, the airline aboard which the incident took place, is one of many airlines that partners with American Airlines.

To read more on this story, go to USA Today.

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IanFromHKG December 19, 2018

Good grief - he bruised his little finger and he can't play with his children or drive? Seriously?? I cannot imagine any little finger injury short of galloping gangrene that would prevent that

southbeachbum December 16, 2018

Since when does an actor not want attention?

okcitychris December 14, 2018

You mean I could’ve sued for this? Happened to me a couple years ago. If I’d have sued, I could’ve prevented it from happening to someone else... Instead, I just embraced the attention and thanks to a couple of fellow passengers I was able to “unattach” myself from the seat and learned not to be so overzealous when raising the armrest.

HomerJay December 14, 2018

Flying coach on Skywest is embarrassment and humiliation enough.

jrpallante December 14, 2018

I hope it wasn't his favorite nose-picking finger!