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Stephen Fry on British Etiquette in LHR Video

In a new video produced by Heathrow Airport (LHR), British actor and quiz show host Stephen Fry explains British culture to foreign travelers at LHR. Released today, the three-minute spot takes place inside a pub and Fry hits on such British staples as cheering if someone drops a plate and “the agreement rule.”

According to an LHR spokesperson, the clip was made as an answer to “a desire from arriving passengers to get a sense, from the moment they touchdown at the airport, of the U.K.’s culture.”

For more information on this story, visit The Telegraph.

[Photo: The Telegraph]

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AussieOzzie January 6, 2016

Loved the video! I'm looking forward to trying the "After You" Rule the next time I'm boarding or deplaning at Heathrow. Should slow things up immensely should my fellow passengers decide to play along.