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Actor Attacks Blanket-Stealing Seatmate

Actor Russell Tovey, 33, kept his Twitter followers entertained Saturday when he dissed an annoying seat mate through a series of live tweets. The actor was on a Lufthansa flight from London to New York when he tweeted:

For more information on this story, visit the Evening Standard.

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tomnativenewyorker October 7, 2015

Maybe he was on codeshare with a ticket issued by LH

TonyBurr October 7, 2015

Typical media inaccuracy - Lufthansa is a German airline and does not fly between London and New York. Does the press EVER have accurate information ?

BJM October 7, 2015

What makes a celebrity's tweets any more important than the average Joe's tweets? Come to think of it, why do we really care what ANYBODY tweets? Have we all become a bunch of twits?

Cameron38 October 7, 2015

A little unusual for a celebrity to not be flying Business Class

October 6, 2015

slow news day?