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Accused TSA Shooter Could Face Death Penalty

Paul Anthony Ciancia, 25, faced a judge in Los Angeles court Tuesday on allegations he engaged in a shooting spree at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) last November, killing TSA officer Gerardo Hernandez and wounding three other people.

Authorities allege Cianca entered Terminal 3 with a semiautomatic rifle, dozens or rounds of ammunition and a note stating he wanted to kill TSA agents. U.S. District Judge Philip S. Gutierrez said Tuesday that jury selection for the trial will begin in August 2016. If convicted, Ciancia could face the death penalty.

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FlyingUnderTheRadar October 17, 2015

CDKing you might want to brush up on what is called "Premeditated Murder". It really does not matter whom is killed, just that someone was killed and it was premeditated.

CitizenWorld October 16, 2015

I still agree with the death penalty regardless

CDKing October 15, 2015

TSO's are not cops and the penalty should not match that of doing the same thing to a real law enforcement officer