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Abby Lee Miller of “Dance Moms” Fell off of Wheelchair and No One Helped?

Cancer survivor and “Dance Moms” star Abby Lee Miller has put American Airlines on blast after she fell out of a wheelchair at Pittsburgh International Airport and no one stopped to offer her any help. The airline is investigating the incident to see what exactly happened and why no one helped her up.

Abby Lee Miller, star of “Dance Moms” and cancer survivor, called out American Airlines for the lack of assistance after she fell out of her wheelchair at Pittsburgh International Airport. Miller is still unable to walk after emergency spine surgery and 10 rounds of chemotherapy following a diagnosis of Burkitt lymphoma in 2018.

When she attempted to transfer to her wheelchair from the aisle chair, she fell and did not receive any assistance from American Airlines staff.

“Help! ‘I’ve fallen and I can’t get up’ isn’t that the truth?” Miller said on Instagram, reported by USA Today. Let’s just say my transfer from the Isle Chair [sic] to my own chair didn’t go so well! I shouldn’t have had to ask for someone to call the paramedics and maybe the @americanair Gate Mgr should’ve at the very least asked if I was ok?”

The airline is currently investigating the incident.

“We are concerned by the issues raised by Ms. Miller regarding her recent experience,” the airline said in a statement to USA Today. “(We) are working with our contracted special assistance vendor to review the incident. We have been in touch with Ms. Miller to apologize and are providing a her full refund as a result of her experience.”


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RandyN July 14, 2019

To echo chavala and Centurion, perhaps whomever took the photo could have helped her up. #parasite

Centurion July 12, 2019

Who took this picture? It looks composed very well to tell a story.

Dublin_rfk July 12, 2019

WOW! Full refund? Maybe I should fly AA? Not!

chavala July 12, 2019

Umm, so who took the photo?