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AA Union Demonstrators Decry “Poverty-Level” Wages

Phoenix, US - May 23, 2015: American Airlines and USAirways airplanes in Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, Arizona

On Monday, dozens of union demonstrators staged a protest outside Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX) in order to raise the issue of what they believe is American Airlines’ “poverty-level” wages for workers.

“We’re serious: We want this contract, and we want fair wages,” said Natalie Kosakowski, an operations agent at Phoenix Sky Harbor.

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infinite97 January 24, 2018

"We’re serious: We want this contract, and we want fair wages,” Kosakowski said. The mother of two said she and her husband pay about $1,400 monthly for a three-bedroom apartment in north Phoenix, an "astronomical" rent relative to her earnings. Kosakowski wants to enjoy some of life's little luxuries with her children: taking the kids to movies, or maybe a trip to Disneyland. "Yes, they give us free flights, but if you can’t afford the hotels or dinners when you fly to those places, then what’s the point?” she said. Umm. Try getting your career and finances in order before making the decision to have multiple children!