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AA Redeye to BOS Makes Unscheduled DEN Stop to Remove Troublemaker

Police were called to meet an American Airlines flight from Los Angeles, which diverted to Denver following a report of an unruly passenger.

An American Airlines flight from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) to Boston Logan International Airport (BOS) touched down at Denver International Airport (DEN) in the early morning hours on Tuesday. According to Denver Police, the unscheduled stop allowed officers to board the aircraft and arrest an “unruly” passenger.

The Denver Post reports that the plane was on the ground in Denver for just under 45 minutes before continuing its journey to Boston. The relatively short time on the ground was credited to the light air traffic at the airport during the overnight hours.

“The plane did land safely and depart safely,” DEN spokesperson Daria Serna told the newspaper.

Airport officials would not identify the passenger who was taken into custody and declined to release any further details about the onboard behavior which led to the unscheduled stop. Serna would only describe the alleged troublemaker’s behavior as “disruptive.”

While airport and American Airlines officials are being closed-mouthed about the events that occurred prior to the unscheduled landing, Fox Boston affiliate WFXT obtained cell phone video of a passenger being removed from the flight at DEN. The footage, which shows a man being led from the plane by police, also contains a quick message for the unruly passenger allegedly responsible for the unexpected delay.

“Thanks crazy passenger for the pitstop in Denver!” a caption on the passenger-shot cellphone footage reads. “Hope the law enforcement treats you kindly.”

[Photo: Kayak]

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