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AA Passenger Says She Was Sexually Assaulted by FA During Flight

A flyer on an American Airlines flight operated by Mesa Airlines alleges that a cabin crew member touched her breast and made unwanted advances during a flight last month.

Laurel Roberson’s issue with American Airlines is far more serious than a matter of a delayed flight or lost luggage. She says that she was sexually assaulted by a cabin crew member during a flight home to Central Illinois Regional Airport (BMI) operated by Mesa Airlines in May of this year.

Roberson says she has reported the alleged incident to police and American Airlines officials, but claims that, so far, her concerns about a potential predator in uniform have not been taken seriously.

“I feel like I’ve had nothing but dead ends,” she told Peoria CBS Affiliate WMBD. “And I feel like at the end of the day, everyone has the attitude of ‘not my job and we don’t care.’”

Roberson says that a male flight attendant became more aggressive as the flight continued. She explains that she is speaking out now in the hopes to help “foster a change at the airline,” but has not as yet even received an apology.

“During the flight, I was hunched over my seat reading a book and he just reached over and touched the breast that’s closest to the aisle,” Roberson recounted to the television station. “Obviously I was shocked and I looked up.”

According to Roberson, the crew member attempted to victimize her a second time while she was exiting the aircraft at BMI.

“He grabbed my shoulder to physically stop me as I went forward,” she told local news reporters. “And he leaned over and he said “I saw what you did there, letting her out. You are a nice girl.” And he leaned in to kiss my lips. I ducked my head […] so he kissed the side of my face. And my heart started pounding and all I could think was: Get away from here.”

American Airlines officials would only tell WMBD in a statement that the carrier is coordinating with Mesa Airlines to investigate the case.

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sddjd June 8, 2017

Did she stop and address the first officer she saw in the airport or if she waited to contact her attorney (as seems to be the case), and if so, why?

gardener June 8, 2017

She must be a witch if the FA grabbed her breast CLOSEST to the aisle. Normal women have only two breasts. So he would have grabbed the breast CLOSER to the aisle.