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AA Offering Snacks to Delayed Passengers

American Airlines is currently running a test program at JFK where it offers free snacks and drinks to passengers who experience flight delays lasting longer than two hours. The carrier will be testing the program, which was launched in December, in Los Angeles later this month. Jill Surdek, American’s vice president of customer planning, said, “It’s great for customers and it’s great for employees to help ease the tension in the boarding area when there is a delay.”

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[Photo: American Airlines]

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Sabai February 18, 2016

This is a nice touch, which DL has been doing for years. UA would again go bankrupt if they provided such a service as so few of their planes are on time.

KRSW February 16, 2016

Um...why is this news? Delta's been doing this for years and I've also had a couple of JetBlue flights where the pilot bought the entire plane pizza.

Mama February 14, 2016

In the good old days (20 years ago), airlines provided you with meal vouchers to buy food from any vendors at the airport. I remember it was about $10 voucher, enough to buy a good sanwich and a soda.

Jim90068 February 14, 2016

No such offering was made on Tuesday, Feb 9, for AA flight 255 JFK - LAX, scheduled for an 10am departure because of maintenance issues (engine related we were told). It was rescheduled for 12 noon, and a still further delayed departure. AA, this is still the same you, "Higher prices, lower service".

YuropFlyer February 12, 2016

Not that this is common practice in the whole world (minus the US, of course) Now, maybe they'll offer free hotel accomodation when you've to overnight due to their fault, like, you know, the rest of the world, next?