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AA Launches New Dining Experience

Super-rich, but still flying commercial? American Airlines has just the thing for you. The recently launched dining lounge at John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) for international first class customers features their Flagship Dining experience, which they bill as a free, in-airport, sit-down dining experience. This new lounge is attached to the airline’s Flagship lounges, which you can think of as supercharged Admiral’s Clubs, delivering free restaurant service to passengers who can afford to avoid the usual hassle of traveling through terminals and, perhaps more importantly, the stomachache caused by the airplane food that everyone complains about.

With this launch, American became one of the first U.S. carriers to provide an in-airport dining service in its premium lounges, following the lead of British Airways and Virgin Atlantic and a few other international carriers who offer a similar service. American announced this new service on its site.

Want to get in? Well, it’s restricted to passengers traveling in international first class. However, international business class travelers can still visit the general Flagship lounges.

Of course, if you’re one of those privileged few who have Concierge Key status in American’s AAdvantage loyalty program, you can also gain access to Flagship dining even while flying on domestic routes, a perk providing a significant benefit for members of this exclusive program. As you might expect, a person would have to spend an a tremendous amount of money each year as a prerequisite for this status. At the same time, even people with top-tier Executive Platinum memberships can only visit the general lounge.

The recent opening at JFK came on the heels of the opening of the general Flagship Lounge. According to Travel + Leisure, the new lounge features “white-gloved treatment,” a do-it-yourself cocktail bar, as well as premium food and beverage offerings.

American plans to launch similar services at Chicago O’Hare, Dallas Fort-Worth, London Heathrow, Los Angeles International, Miami International, and Philadelphia International throughout 2017.

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Bretteee June 2, 2017

In the meantime their economy class meals to Europe are sub par. Crummy lettuce and awful chocolate brownies / cookies. No proper desert. At least UNITED has made an effort.

rpjs June 2, 2017

Not plagiarized so much as sourced from the same AA press release I suspect.

frogman478 June 2, 2017

Unless its changed recently, Concierge Key is not a status that can be earned like G/P/EP. It's an invitation only status. So I wouldn't advise anyone to spend any amount of money trying to earn it. Maybe try to become CEO of a major or influential company or a movie or rock star instead.

Sydneyberlin June 1, 2017

Yawn. Qantas had lounges with awesome sit down restaurant-style dining for years now. And while they do allow their platinum tiers in there, it's probably still way better food than American will ever serve anywhere!

Mike2K May 31, 2017

Two observations: 1) This article is heavily plagiarized from a Skift article published on May 30. 2) American is not the first US carrier to launch this style of dining in premium lounges. United began offering this service a few months ago with the launch of their new Polaris Lounge at ORD.