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AA, JetBlue to Unveil Densely Packed Cabins

In 2018, American Airlines and JetBlue allegedly plan to introduce new cabins featuring smaller bathrooms and more tightly packed seating, ostensibly in order to maximize the number of flyers that can fit aboard each flight. American Airlines recently debuted seating that featured a 30-inch seat pitch, while JetBlue continues to retrofit its Airbus A320 aircraft to feature a 32-inch seat pitch, down two inches from the carrier’s customary seat pitch. No date has yet been confirmed for a full debut of JetBlue’s new design.

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Bretteee January 31, 2018

I could hardly move or turn in the toilet. I pity the chubby and taller passengers.

rylan January 31, 2018

Cram those sardines in, while avoiding having to retest safety requirements to exit the plane in an emergency.

RockieRat January 30, 2018

As if we didn't get tortured enough for not being rich enough to afford business or first!

apodo77 January 30, 2018

Delta has a ton of planes with 30" seat pitch.

mgaustin January 30, 2018

Just another reason I switched to Delta