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AA Employee Defends Basic Economy Fares on Podcast

New York, NY, USA - November 3, 2013: Boeing 737 American Airlines takes off from John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York, NY on November 3, 2013. John F. Kennedy International Airport is New York's main international airport opened in 1948. It is rated 4th biggest American Airport and it is considered one of the busiest airports in the world. (Photo: iStock)

On the latest episode of the podcast Tell Me Why, American Airlines’ Senior Vice President of Customer Experience, Kerry Philipovitch, stood up for the idea of Basic Economy fares, claiming that the airline would “see our most price-sensitive travelers leave” for budget airlines without the no-frills option being made available for customers.

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beyond February 23, 2018

Everything is AAwesome! HA! That's what corporate BS sounds like - spending all kinds of $$ on "training" "product development" when you're selling how many tickets at that price?? Which is presumably below operating costs. If you were operating at virtual full load factors before, who said you had to do it this way instead of just controlling inventory as always? You can so rarely find a Basic Economy fare, how does the fact that it's $20 cheaper make it worth all the confusion and effort?? There is no consistency across the system as to where it is, or how much the differential.