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AA Crew Reports New Uniforms Are Making Them Sick

Heathrow, London, UK - January 28, 2016: American Airlines Boeing 767-323 (N399AN) departing Heathrow Airport, UK, bound for Chicago O'Hare International, USA in a clear blue sky. (Photo: iStock)

More than 400 American Airlines flight attendants are claiming that the new uniforms introduced by their employer this month are giving them headaches and rashes. While it’s not clear what’s causing the reactions, a company spokesperson said that it may be the wool.

However, the spokesperson also told Chicago Business Journal the uniforms were subject to extensive testing, and fared “far better than other fabrics in the industry.”

The attire has been sent to the Association of Professional Flight Attendants for further testing.

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djjaguar64 October 1, 2016

Gee, and I thought their work made them sick!