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AA Basic Economy to Be Available by September

American Airlines has confirmed that Basic Economy seating will become available by the end of September. The seating option will offer the equivalent of a $20 discount in exchange for features such as boarding the flight later than all other passengers, having an inability to carry luggage that does not fit beneath their seat, accepting seating at the back of the flight and being unable to receive a refund or change tickets.

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GrayAnderson August 18, 2017

You know, if anyone at FT is aware of how this has played out on other carriers, they really should have phrased it as "The seating option will offer the equivalent of a $20 surcharge to all passengers not willing to accept the withdrawal of previously-included features such as not boarding last, a standard carry-on allowance, seating anywhere but the back of the flight, and the ability to change their tickets, even for a fee."