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A330 Skids Off Runway, International Flights into Kathmandu Suspended Indefinitely

Turkish Airlines Flight 726 from Istanbul skidded off a runway at Tribhuvan International Airport (KTM) while landing Tuesday evening. According to one of the 224 passengers onboard, the Airbus A330’s initial attempt to land brought the plane close to the tarmac, but the jet took to the skies again just before touching down. Passengers were reportedly informed by crew that the aircraft was unable to land due to heavy fog.

After nearly an hour of circling KTM, the jet attempted to land again, this time successfully touching down but failing to stay on the runway. With its nose pitched down, the A330 skidded off the tarmac. Passengers evacuated via emergency slides and no serious injuries were reported.

The rough landing immobilized the aircraft in a way that left it partially covering the runway, disrupting air traffic at KTM. Because Nepal doesn’t have the proper equipment to move the aircraft, the airport is unable to clear the runway. All international flights into KTM have been canceled indefinitely.

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[Photo: CNN]

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