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A Stranger Is Rocking Your Travel Gear

If your airline lost your luggage, do everything in your power to find it before 90 days are up — anything after that, and the bags are usually sold to a store in Alabama that then sells your lost belongings at discount rates to anyone willing to come into their store and search through your things.

Have you ever had a piece of luggage go missing, or forget to claim it? Airlines have 90 days to try and reunite you with your lost bags, but after that, it’s likely all your belongings were searched through and sold at a discount rate.

Unclaimed Baggage Center is a store in Scottsboro, Alabama, that sells lost and unclaimed luggage and their contents. It’s the only place the country that you can buy these items. Basically, the company purchases the baggage from airlines after those three months pass. Then they take the haul and sort through it, deciding what to keep (like clothes), donate (like unused contacts), or throw away (like spices with no date on them). Then they organize it, price it, and line the shelves of the store with your lost items.

Tourists from all over the country come to visit the store and look through your stuff to purchase it. But one couple, Lindy and Derrick Austin, have made it a habit. The local residents come in once a week to look for new items. According to a video on the New York Post, they’ve spent between $20,000 and $25,000 on lost luggage items over the past five years.


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OUTraveling September 16, 2019

So unclaimed baggage center has an FFL?