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A Southwest Airlines’ Skycap Brightens Passengers’ Days at San Antonio International Airport

Over the last 26 years, Skycap Herb Watts, nicknamed “Herb on the Curb,” has been a famously friendly skycap. In his second year on the job, Southwest presented him with the Southwest Airlines’ President’s Award in customer service and job excellence. On May 7, 2020, the San Antonio-Express News checked in to see how Herb was fairing during the coronavirus.

The verdict? He’s doing very well, and he’s still helping customers feel good before they take off for their flight for the day, even as the coronavirus makes travelers anxious.

Airport spokeswoman Tonya Hope said Watts embodies the great customer service that is the goal at the San Antonio International Airport. While he can no longer hand out the hugs and handshakes that used to be a mainstay of his interactions with passengers, travelers headed through the airport say that they can still feel the warmth of his smile behind his protective mask.

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