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A Peek Inside Air France’s Limited-Edition Amenity Kits

Some people might picture champagne, fancy chocolates or long-stem roses when they think of a big anniversary. Air France thinks of dental floss and earplugs. Air France is celebrating 85 years of business this year. To celebrate, the airline is rolling out new special-edition amenity kits to celebrate the big milestone.

Plan to fly with Air France between now and the summer? Take a look at what you can expect from the anniversary amenity bag in your hands.

The business-class amenity kits being passed out by Air France feature four different combinations of geometric shapes and colors. While it’s doubtful that any of the combinations will match your luggage, the kits aren’t terrible to look at. Here are the color combinations that are available:

  • Blue, white and navy
  • Blue, white and orange
  • Blue, white and turquoise
  • Red, white and yellow


Air France’s celebratory amenity kits are being made available on long-haul flights from now until July. The celebration kits will include all of the usual items that passengers flying with Air France receive in their amenity kits.

In addition, business-class passengers will receive a Clarins moisturizing cream, a dental kit, earplugs, a comb, an eye mask and a pen. Business-class passengers are also being given access to Clarins vitality and cleansing water in the plane’s lavatories. Passengers traveling with premium-economy tickets will receive kits that contain headphone protectors, earplugs, a dental kit, a pair of flight socks and an eye mask.

The kits for premium-economy passengers offer less variety. Premium kits are only available in solid navy or solid turquoise.


La Premiere passengers are getting something completely different during Air France’s anniversary celebration. These passengers will receive La Premiere kits that come in blue or orange cases. These cases contain Carita products. Each kit features face cream, eye cream, hand cream, a face pack and lip balm. Passengers will also receive earplugs, a comb and a pen inside every La Premiere kit.

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diburning February 5, 2019

It almost looks like it's sponsored by Choice Hotels.